EIA: 100 MW Tidong Hydroelectric Power Project

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Himachal Pradesh has vast hydroelectric potential of about 12,249.37 MW at 60% load factor, with an installed capacity of 20,415.62 MW. The Satluj basin in Himachal Pradesh has a hydropower potential of f 9,866.55 MW, which represents approximately 50% of its likely installed capacity. In addition to the Satluj, other rivers, which are part of the great Indus Basin and pass through Himachal Pradesh, also contribute to the power potential of the state.

The Tidong-1 HEP (Hydro Electric Project) is a part of Satluj Basin and total 11 numbers of projects with a cumulative capacity of about 3277 MW are currently opera ration and about 12 projects with cumulative c capacity of 3080 MW are under execution, however, other projects are in different stages before execution such as investigation, allotment, etc.

The Tidong-1 HEP under execution has a capacity of 100 MW and is located on the Tidong Khad (Stream), a tributary of river Satluj in Kinnaur district. It is a run of the river scheme proposed to harness the hydro potential of Tidong Khad in its lower reach between Lambar and Rispa villages. The project site is situated 270 km from Shimla on National Highway 22 upto a place near Moorang and there after 21 km on state road upto village Lumber. Diversion weir would come at Lumber village and powerhouse at Rispa village.

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