EIA: MWCoal & Middling Based Thermal Power Plant at Village- Kolam, Dist. Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

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The Government of India’s 5th National Power Plan has envisaged a total installed capacity of 2.12,000 MW as per the 16th Electric Power Survey, based on power demand. This capacity is to be achieved by the end of the 11th Plan, March 2012. The Government of India has projected a GDP growth rate of about 7.4% based on the 11th plan power capacity to be achieved. To achieve a target of higher than 10,000 MW per annum, huge investment in power sector is required and also the manufactures, contractors, vendors and supporting will need to increase their capacities to meet this target of power sector.

In view of the above backdrop M/s Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd. (SEML) has decided to setup a coal & middling based Thermal Power Plant with a total capacity of 350 (2x135 + 1x30 + 1x50) MW in District Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. SEML has retained Anacon Laboratories Nagpur to undertake on Environmental Impact Assessment study and preparation of Environment Management Plan for the proposed 350 MW Thermal Power Plant for Environment Clearance from State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority.

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