EMP: Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project

Published Date: 

This draft Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Riverbank Erosion Protection Subproject is part of the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report for the Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project. The IEE was conducted during project preparation that started in the 4th Quarter of 2010. This draft EMP shall be finalized by the Project Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU) based on the detailed design, with technical assistance from the Environmental Specialist of the Project Management and Implementation Support (PMIS) Team.

The Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project (or, Project) will improve priority urban and environmental infrastructure in Pakse District, 13 villages in Phonthong District and 4 villages in Bachiang, and strengthen urban management capacity. The landfill is located in 1 village in Xanasouboum district. It will deliver the following outputs, through four main activities/components namely:

  1. City-wide Urban Environmental Improvements:
    • the rehabilitation and upgrade of existing landfill (with possible landfill expansion to be indentified during project implementation),
    • drainage and stormwater management,
    • riverbank erosion protection;
  2. Community Environmental Improvement Scheme:
    • community-led infrastructure upgrading in villages,
    • household sanitation improvements;
  3. Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development:
    • increased efficiency and management capacity of the relevant government agencies, and raised public awareness on environmental protection; and
  4. Project Management Support:
    • technical assistance in project management and implementation.


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