Environmental Impact Assessment of Road from Ujjain to Jaora

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This paper is related to“Environmental Impact Assessment of Road from Ujjain to Jaora”. As the EIA report i.e. Environmental Impact Assessment contains the detail study about the positive as well as negative effects on the plants, human, animals and Environment. Our capacity for destruction is illustrated through the deterioration of the ozone layer, through the extinction of species, and through mass deforestation and desertification. In many parts of the world, economic development projects directed at improving levels of material comfort have had unintended detrimental effects on people and natural resources. Water, land, and air have been degraded to the point where they can no longer sustain existing levels of development and quality of life.We know that as, India is an developing country and economic development in developing countries has been focused on immediate economic gains environmental protection has not been a priority because the economic losses from environmental degradation often occur long after the economic benefits of development have been realized.

The adverse environmental issues likely to develop during project construction and operation phases could be minimized by making necessary provision in the project design and adopting Environmental Management Plan (EMP)1. Impact analysis is the major thing which is to be study before the construction of any project. Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA Report) is nothing but the detailed report prepared for the impact by the any major project over the environment3. It is a high level responsibility given to an engineer, that what are the effects of project to the human being, plants, animals and environment. This project is of road, which is going to be construct from the route Ujjain-Unhel-Nagda-Jaora having an length of 99.90 km6. The surrounding area includes number of villages, towns are as Sodangaon, Dhabla, Chakarwardha, Ruikheda, Surajkhedi, Unhel, Nagjiri, Pimpriyama, Pipiyamolu, Hathadipalakhi, Nagada, Ginoda, Jaora. These are the affected places in which mainly includes Nagda, Jaora, Ruikheda, Unhel. The major impact is cutting of trees in this maximum of Babul and Neem. In this report we are studying about the impact to the surrounding environment, residential area, commercial area etc.

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