IEE: Water Sector Investment Program - Tranche 2

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The environmental management plans (EMP) for the six water supply subprojects that form the second Periodic Funding Request (PFR-2) of the Multi-tranche Financing Facility (MFF) for Support of the Water Sector in Viet Nam have been upgraded as part of the preparations of the subprojects. The original EMPs were developed with the initial environmental evaluations (IEE) or GoV EIAs that were prepared for each subproject. The IEEs and EIAs for the subprojects including the IEE for the Buon Ma Thuot City & Three Districts Water Supply Project are found under separate cover.

The upgrades to the EMPs stem from the findings of a recent review of the IEEs and EIAs of the subprojects to ensure that potential environmental impacts of a water supply subproject are not overlooked, and moreover, that the EMP for each subproject addresses all potential impacts. The intention of the review was not for the IEE or GoV safeguard document to be modified, rather to identify required additions or changes to an IEE or EIA that could be addressed by updating the respective EMP. Thus, the upgraded EMPs are still supported the parent IEE/EIAs in preparation for the detailed designs of the subprojects.

Provided herein is the upgraded EMP for the Buon Ma Thuot City & Three Districts Water Supply subproject. The upgraded EMP is based closely on the original EMP in order to preserve the original potential impacts assessment reported in the IEE. The objective was not to create a new EMP, rather to add content and scope where necessary, and to incorporate subsequent project information such as that provided in the recent draft PAM. The text of the original EMP is left as is and only edited and supplemented as needed.

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