Resource Library

A library of resources to assist members in learning more about environmental compliance and enforcement in the region.

  1. EIA Compendium
    AECEN maintain an up-to-date clearinghouse on regional environmental impact assessment (EIA) information. The compendium includes laws and regulations, news from local and regional media, documents, case studies, and relevant links to other resources on the internet.
  2. Good Practices
    The AECEN Good Practices Inventory is a collection of good practices in environmental compliance and enforcement in the Asia region.
  3. Principles for Improving Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in Asia
    AECEN has adopted a set of regional principles that reflect experiences in Asia, and worldwide. In applying the principles, AECEN members and other agencies can develop courses of action based on their own legal and institutional frameworks, developmental policies and priorities, and available resources.
  4. Rapid Country Program Assessments
    The Rapid Country Program Assessments identify program strengths and weaknesses, as well as priority reform areas and opportunities for improvement.