NCPO Orders 4/2559

Revoke Article 44, say NGOs

Date of Release: 
Mar 18 2016

A MASSIVE coalition of 60 civil society groups have urged the government to refrain from exercising special powers under Article 44 of the interim charter, which recently allowed major development projects to bypass proper Environme-ntal Impact Assessments (EIAs).

At yesterday's panel discussion on the issue, non-government organisations (NGOs) also warned that conflicts with affected communities could result in violence.


NCPO orders ‘will cause more conflict’

Date of Release: 
Mar 19 2016

EXPERTS have warned that the government will be responsible for more serious rights violations, plus economic disparity - and the next political time-bomb - if it continues its use of "special power".

Key panellists at an academic conference yesterday on communal rights, the environment and city planning, urged the government to stop using power under Article 44 of the interim charter, as they voiced concern that it would cause a new round of political conflict.

The event was arranged by 11 public organisations, plus Rangsit and Thammasat universities.

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