China uses cameras on drones to catch industrial polluters unaware

Date of Release: 
Mar 11 2014

The mainland's environmental watchdogs have long been criticised for their alleged lax supervision of industrial polluters. Even when the agencies did crack down, their inspections were obstructed by local officials.

Now the Ministry of Environmental Protection is mobilising a fleet of drones to record images of factories discharging untreated pollutants into the atmosphere. The drones can fly virtually undetected.


Private criminal prosecution of environmental crimes

Date of Release: 
Mar 5 2012

The National Environmental Management Act, read together with the Criminal Procedure Act, provides for individuals to institute private criminal prosecutions for the protection of the environment. This is a risk for companies which have reached an accommodation with the authorities regarding environmental laws, only to be faced with a private prosecution. While the act facilitates such proceedings, there are limitations.

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