Mongolia: The amended Law on Environmental Impact Assessment

Date of Release: 
Sep 25 2012

The Parliament of Mongolia passed on May 17 an amended Law on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that had been submitted to it on December 30, 2011. As every mining activity has some impact on the environment, the new amendments, as well as the untouched provisions of the law, are to be carefully considered by the mining industry.


EIA: Mongolia

Year enacted: 
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Article 1. Purpose of this Law
1.1. The purpose of this Law is to regulate relations that arise in connection with protection of the environment, prevention of the ecological misbalance, the use of natural resources, assessment of the environmental impact and decision-making on the start of a project.
Article 2. Legislation on Environmental Impact Assessment
2.1. The legislation on Environmental Impact Assessment shall consist of the Constitution of Mongolia, the Law of Mongolia on Environmental Protection, the present Law, and other legislative acts which is consistent with those laws.
2.2. If an international treaty to which Mongolia is a signatory is inconsistent with this Law, then the provisions of the international treaty shall prevail.

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