Malaysia: RM50,000 fine if starting without EIA approval

Date of Release: 
Oct 25 2012

The maximum compound for those flouting the Environment Protection Environment Enactment 2002 has been increased.

The State Assembly passed the Environment Protection (Amendment) Enactment 2012 on Wednesday that, among others, upped compounds by up to 50 per cent from the present maximum compounds for offences stated in the enactment.

Tabling the Bill, State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said the compound for example those found starting works without the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report had been raised to RM50,000 from RM20,000 presently.


Mongolia: The amended Law on Environmental Impact Assessment

Date of Release: 
Sep 25 2012

The Parliament of Mongolia passed on May 17 an amended Law on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that had been submitted to it on December 30, 2011. As every mining activity has some impact on the environment, the new amendments, as well as the untouched provisions of the law, are to be carefully considered by the mining industry.


China: Experts say proposed environmental protection laws fail to protect

Date of Release: 
Sep 27 2012

A draft law that will help determine the future of the environment in China has been slammed by experts and environmental campaigners, with some even saying the law looks like it has been written by polluting companies.

China's top legislators are about to amend the Environmental Protection Law for the first time in two decades.


Thai NGOs fight to block 37 law changes

Date of Release: 
Sep 10 2012

Non-governmental organisations are opposing an attempt by three powerful business groups to amend 37 corporate and environmental laws.

The NGOs say the push to change the laws serves only the interests of the businesses.

Representatives from the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Thai Industries and the Thai Bankers' Association, which jointly pushed for the legal amendments, plan to submit the proposal to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra this Wednesday.

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