China's pollution permit market must be revamped

Date of Release: 
Apr 7 2014

New government plans to strengthen China's "pollution permit" market have been applauded as the meaningfulness of existing trials of the system has been called into question.

Since 2007, China has set up more than 20 local pilot trading platforms for the permits. Not to be confused with carbon trading, which targets greenhouse gases led by carbon dioxide, this scheme allow industrial firms to buy and sell rights to emit pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, major causes of smog and acid rain.


Indonesian court orders Aceh Governor to revoke palm oil permit

Date of Release: 
Sep 7 2012

After months of pushing Aceh governor Zaini Abdullah to investigate the illegal issuance of a palm oil permit to company PT Kallista Alam, an Indonesian court finally grants an appeal by conservation groups to cancel the permit.

In a move welcomed by the REDD+ Task Force, the Medan State Administrative High Court accepted the appeal by Indonesian-based organization WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia), asking the court to revoke a plantation permit granted to PT. Kallista Alam for 1,605 hectares land in Rawa Tripa, Nagan Raya District, in Aceh Province.

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