Indigenous people fighting for their culture in Cambodia

Date of Release: 
Aug 31 2015

In the far northeast of Cambodia, the forest is disappearing. On my first visit there, I expected to see thick, dense forests everywhere. Instead, most of the land has been cleared for large rubber and cassava plantations. The remaining forests are central to the daily lives of the local people, their livelihoods and culture. But foreign mining companies are failing to respect the rights of local communities, with important implications especially for indigenous people and their land.


Across Borders, Southeast Asia Builds a Governance Platform

Date of Release: 
Dec 2 2014

For the past two and a half years, NRGI partners in Southeast Asia have worked together to create their very own, and very first, regional guide to governance in the extractive sector.

The Framework for Extractive Industries Governance in ASEAN, available here in English, helps member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations address governance challenges they face as they manage natural resource wealth to meet important development goals for current and future generations.


Chemical units releasing toxic ammonia gas in Taloja: Residents

Date of Release: 
Oct 26 2013

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) regional directorate will monitor the air pollution level in the MIDC Taloja area in the wake of public fear that some ammonia based industries are discharging ammonia gas without proper treatment that is leading to air pollution in the surrounding areas.


EIA: Exploration Drilling Program at Karama Block

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Statoil Indonesia Karama As (Statoil) and partner Pertamina plan to undertake an exploration drilling program of three deep-water exploration wells at Karama Block in the Makassar Strait, offshore West Sulawesi Province in 2011. The purpose of this project is to discover the oil or gas targets identified from interpretation of 3D seismic survey data.


Australia: Coal seam gas seen as just another land use in a big country

Date of Release: 
Nov 13 2012

In 2011, the Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (ACEDD) asked Dr John Williams, former Chief of CSIRO Land and Water Division, to review the science on coal seam gas. John’s report, now released, is probably the most independent, disinterested nationwide analysis yet undertaken of unconventional gas in Australia. This report is entirely uncompromised by either industry or activist-group funding.


Myanmar: Group calls for review of pipelines

Date of Release: 
Oct 15 2012

Mandalay-based environmental group Seinyaungso has called on the government to halt an oil and gas pipeline project in the interests of the country.

The pipelines, which will run from Kyaukpyu in Rakhine State to Yunnan Province in China, are joint projects between China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE). However, Seinyaungso said ownership and management of the piplines was out of Myanmar’s control. Companies from South Korea and India are also investors in the natural gas pipeline.


Australia: Greens wary of oil and gas search plan

Date of Release: 
Oct 16 2012

The Greens want the Federal Government to impose stricter environmental safeguards before an exploration company is given approval for an oil and gas search between Eyre Peninsula and Kangaroo Island.

Bight Petroleum has lodged an application to look for drilling sites in a 3,000-square-kilometre area off the South Australian coast.

The company already has exploration permits for the area and is hoping to begin seismic surveys early next year.

Greens Senator Penny Wright says a detailed environmental impact assessment should be done before any activity begins.

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