Airport Noise Assessment in Thailand

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The airport project is one of the development projects on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) requested list by law in Thailand. The airport noise impact assessment procedures are selectively proposed by a consultant whom conducts the EIA reports for the airport development project, freely. Airport noise assessment procedures have been following the Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) for more than 50 years, proposed by the American Consultant. There is none of any rules and regulations specifying the noise descriptor and its calculation for airport noise in Thailand.


Preliminary Assessment of Singapore's Environmental Law

The Singapore Constitution does not contain any provisions on the environment. Neither does Singapore have a framework law on environmental protection and management. There is no mandatory environmental impact assessment (EIA) system laid out in legislation. The present scheme of environmental management in Singapore is scattered throughout numerous Acts and Regulations. EIAs are required on an ad hoc basis at the discretion of the ENV. There has not been much judicial pronouncement or comment on environmental matters - in fact, environmental litigation is almost unknown in Singapore.


Comparative Study of EIA Systems: Philippines and Other Countries

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This paper provides an overview of key elements of a number of different countries’ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures. These elements will be compared to the current EIA process of the Philippines in order to draw out lessons for possible improvement. The EIAs reviews are from the following countries: China, Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, United States, and the regional regime in the European Union (EU). The paper also includes a brief discussion of the value of EIA in the international context, and reflections on assessing the effectiveness and cost of EIAs.


Strategic Environmental Assessment in Korea

A powerpoint presentation from Young-Il Song of the Korea Environment Institute (KEI)

Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)

  • Adopted in 1977 under the Environment Preservation Act
  • Currently, being enforced under the Act on Assessment of Impacts of Works on Environment, Traffic, Disaster, ETC
  • Applied to the development projects (17 Fields 63 Projects)

Preliminary Environmental Review System(PERS)

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