Opinion: Pillaging of resources shows depth of Thai political rot

Date of Release: 
May 23 2014

If Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha had declared martial law a few days earlier, the rogue soldier who led an armed gang to attack the villagers of Ban Na Nong Bong might have had second thoughts.

At first glance, the incident at the village in Loei province might have no bearing on what is happening hundreds of kilometres away in Bangkok. But in fact it presents a good case study for the urgent need for national reform.


China waste plant protest in Hangzhou 'injures dozens'

Date of Release: 
May 11 2014

The violence broke out on Saturday in Yuhang district of Hangzhou city, in the eastern province of Zhejiang. The injured included 29 police officers.

Local authorities say the project will not go ahead without public support.

Tens of thousands of protests are held in China every year, mostly against pollution, corruption and land grabs.

Last month, state media reported that 18 people were detained after massive demonstrations against plans for a chemical plant in Maoming, in the southern province of Guangdong.


China Maoming environmental protest violence condemned

Date of Release: 
Apr 2 2014

Residents in Maoming, Guangdong province, on Sunday protested against the construction of a petrochemical plant that manufactures paraxylene.

Violence broke out, with reports of several injured protesters. On Tuesday, the protests spread to Guangzhou.

Protests are rare in China, where it is illegal to protest without a permit.

Hundreds of Maoming residents marched on the streets on Sunday, protesting against the proposed plant. Some protesters said turnout was more than 1,000.

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