Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation

Shan people urges end to Mongtong dam EIA

Date of Release: 
Sep 14 2015

Power from the hydropower project would be sold to China and Thailand. The letter dated September 9 was signed by Nang Wah Nu, an MP of the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party, and leaders of people from Karli and Kunhing.

In the letter, they said there has been continued fighting in Shan and Kachin state, with the latest one taking place in Kunhing in August.


Shan Community Handover 23,717 Signatures Opposing Dams on the Salween River to Australian Consultants

Date of Release: 
Aug 26 2015

The Shan community representatives delivered their petition to the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) offices in Yangon.

The Mong Ton dam is the largest of the five dams planned on the Salween River.

The community group, the Action for Shan State Rivers, said in a media statement that “signatures were collected from people throughout Shan State, particularly townships adjoining the Salween, who are alarmed at Naypyidaw’s [the government] accelerated plans to dam their river to export hydropower.”

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