A season of change

Depending on which side of the fence people have found themselves on, the responses to the quick regulatory changes that the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has brought about over the last three months have clearly differed. The changes have ranged from bringing in calculated dilutions, striking a balance between environment and economy, ensuring regulatory efficiency to removing roadblocks to economic growth.

AECEN Strengthens EIA Compliance in Asia: INECE

Minimizing adverse environmental impacts of economic development accompanied by rapid urbanization and industrial growth remains a significant compliance and enforcement challenge for Asia. While many governments have developed legal and institutional frameworks for environmental and social safeguards, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws and regulations remains weak due in large part to technical, financial, and human capacity limitations.

Groups calling for special environmental impact assessment for Malaysia's Tanjung Aru beach

Concerned groups are calling for a special environmental impact assessment for the proposed massive redevelopment of the scenic Tanjung Aru beach area here.

Among them is the Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) that is also urging the government to speed up the setting up of a project office to enable the public to obtain answers about redevelopment scheme.

SEPA president Lanash Thanda said there had been public apprehension about the project since its disclosure on Sept 16.

Impact assessment process has glaring flaws

An impromptu street drama took place last Sunday in front of Wat Phon Thong in tambon Na Pong of Loei's Muang district. The temple was the venue of a public hearing to consider an application to expand...

It was a strange scene. A 600-strong police force surrounded the temple and blocked its gate, keeping a group of villagers from entering what was supposed to be a public event.

The event may have escaped media attention, were it not for the drama in the heavy rain.