Nepalese govt under pressure to spare hazardous waste producers

Government authorities have failed to intensify monitoring of waste management in hospitals, nursing homes, industries and hotels owing to the pressure from these groups.

The Prime Minister’s Office, Solid Waste Management Technical Support Centre (SWMTSC), the Ministry of Urban Development, local bodies and other concerned authorities started monitoring wastes in the sensitive sectors about four months ago after they were found mixing hazardous and general waste against the law.

Pilot Training of EIA Professionals in Nepal

Location: Hotel Yak and Yeti Kathmandu, Nepal

In line with its continuing efforts to improve implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the hydropower sector, the Nepal Ministry of Environment (MOE) will be conducting a training for EIA professionals using a newly-developed training module and materials. The main objective of this course is to help improve the quality and effectiveness of EIAs by training and developing the capacity of professionals actively engaged in undertaking EIAs in development projects in Nepal.

Nepal Develops Tools to Streamline Environment Review of Hydropower Projects with Support from Malaysia

Through a twinning partnership with the Malaysia Department of Environment, the Nepal Ministry of Environment (MOE) expanded efforts to developed new tools to improve and streamline the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process by developing a training program and registration scheme for EIA consultants. At a consultation workshop on May 24, 2011 in Kathmandu, stakeholders from various sectors provided feedback on the consultant registration scheme and training program aimed at improving the quality of EIA reports and ensuring a more efficient review process.

Nepal and Malaysia Finalize Twinning Partnership Work Program

As part of the AECEN twinning partnership between the Nepal Ministry of Environment and the Malaysia Department of Environment (DOE) on strengthening environmental impact assessment (EIA) capabilities for the hydropower sector, Nepal partners met with Malaysian counterparts in Kuala Lumpur on April 26-27, 2010 to finalize the work program and initiate activities.  During the meetings, Malaysia DOE and other stakeholders shared details on EIA implementation and experience on their EIA consultant registration scheme.  The work partnership program will include a comprehensive training in cooperation with the Environmental Institute of Malaysia to develop a curriculum, modules and guidelines for use in Nepal, and the creation of a roster of EIA consultants in Nepal.

Nepal and Malaysia Establish Twinning Partnership on Hydropower Planning

The Nepal Ministry of Environment and Malaysia Department of Environment officially launched a twinning arrangement in Kathmandu on January 14, 2010 to strengthen Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) practices for the hydropower sector in Nepal. At a workshop on Sharing EIA Best Practices for the Hydropower Sector, co-organized with the World Bank, Malaysian officials shared innovative approaches on EIA in the hydropower sector. USAID will support the partnership with World Bank under AECEN.