China’s bottled water industry eyes up the Tibetan plateau

In the last two decades China has become the world’s largest bottled water consumer and a major producer. With per capita consumption 19% lower than global average, the market is expected to continue to grow.

Although it currently makes up a small proportion of China’s annual bottled water production, water from Tibet’s mountain glaciers is seen as the new point of growth for China’s booming bottled water industry.

Centre urged to conduct study on Goa rivers' water

PANAJI: Union environment minister Prakash Javdekar has been asked to send a team of experts to study the water quality in Goa's rivers, which a Goa MP claimed is unfit for consumption.

Shantaram Naik, Goa's lone Rajya Sabha MP and Congress leader, quoting a study conducted by the Goa state pollution control board said faecal coliform in almost all the rivers of Goa is in the range of 90-100mg as against the recommended standard of 30.

Beijing aims to clean up air during Apec meeting

Beijing is considering stricter traffic controls and suspension of polluting enterprises during meetings at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation that are scheduled to take place later this year in the city's Huairou district.

To prevent the smog from enshrouding the capital during the Apec event, the city vowed to reprise measures taken during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including traffic control to cut emissions based on vehicles' license plate numbers, suspension of certain industrial operations around the city's suburbs and halting work at construction sites.

Court hits hard at city bus agency

The Supreme Administrative Court on Thursday upheld a lower court ruling that found the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) guilty of dereliction of duty relating to its handling of black smoke-belching buses.

The court also found that the Pollution Control Department (PCD) had ignored its duties in enforcing pollution-control laws on the BMTA and had failed to monitor the agency even though the Central Administrative Court had ordered it to improve bus services and ensure they met requirements under the environmental protection law.

Singapore’s haze this year ‘could be worse’ than last year’s record haze

First, haze hit Singapore earlier this month as the region suffered a prolonged dry spell. This is unusually early compared to the traditional June to September dry season in Indonesia, when most burning to clear land takes place.

Second, the recent haze in Riau province in Sumatra, Indonesia, is worse than last year. Riau, directly across the Straits of Malacca from Singapore, has suffered from severe haze since February.

Thai garbage-dump fire prompts nationwide check of controls

ENVIRONMENTAL experts are testing samples from around the burned-out garbage dump at Samut Prakan's tambon Praksa for toxic substances in the soil, air and underground water, in order to find out where they came from.

At the same time, the recent massive fire at the garbage dump has prompted pollution-control agencies to revise their designation of pollution-control zones in 23 provinces nationwide.

China uses cameras on drones to catch industrial polluters unaware

The mainland's environmental watchdogs have long been criticised for their alleged lax supervision of industrial polluters. Even when the agencies did crack down, their inspections were obstructed by local officials.

Now the Ministry of Environmental Protection is mobilising a fleet of drones to record images of factories discharging untreated pollutants into the atmosphere. The drones can fly virtually undetected.

China faces tough fight against air pollution

Beijing was once again shrouded in a heavily polluted, foggy air on Wednesday, which is familiar to local residents some of whom are accustomed to wearing masks outdoors.

A day before the Mid-Autumn Festival -- a traditional mooncake-eating and family-reunion holiday that falls on Sept 19 this year -- the worsening air was aggravated by car emissions as the capital's major avenues were almost turned to parking lots even before the rush hour at dusk.

Environmental academy to be established in Makassar

The South Sulawesi administration is to set up an environmental academy, which will begin enrolling students next year. The academy is the first of its kind in Indonesia, concerned as it is with environmental issues.

The establishment of the academy, which will be located in Tonasa subdistrict, Balocci district, Pangkajene Islands regengy, was marked with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo and Environment Minister Balthasar Kambuaya in Makassar on Aug. 31.