Thai landfill tenant faces legal actions

The minister who made an inspection trip to the landfill said that garbage from the communities and industrial wastes had been dumped in the landfill illegally although licence for garbage dumping had already been revoked after protests from people in nearby communities against the landfill.

Samples of industrial wastes collected from the site have been sent to a laboratory for tests to find out if any of them are toxic.

The tenant of the landfill will face a maximum imprisonment of two years and/or a fine of 200,000 baht if toxic wastes were dumped into the landfill.

Jail sentences for 6 guilty of polluting Chinese water supplies

Six men responsible for an illegal chemical discharge that led to water supplies being cut off to 30,000 residents in suburban Shanghai received jail sentences ranging from two to five years in a Shanghai court on Wednesday.

It was the ninth judgment of an environmental pollution case in the municipality since 2010, according to Shanghai High People's Court.

"Three cases of environmental pollution, involving six defendants, were adjudicated from 2010 to 2012, and the number has risen to six cases involving 15 defendants so far this year," said Zou Bihua, vice-president of the court.

Jail Time for Clean Air Act Violator

The Clean Air Act is an environmental law but it is a law nonetheless. Breaking it will subject the violator to punishment by the courts. Yesterday, a West Des Moines, Iowa resident was sentenced by a US District Judge to 41 months of prison, followed by two years of supervised release, 300 hours of community service, a $12,500 fine, and an addition $200 fine for each victim of his crime. The charge against him was conspiracy to violate Clean Air Act asbestos work practice standards during the renovation over 10-story building in Des Moines.