New bill to get tough on ship pollution

An update to the Merchant Shipping Act with clauses to tackle pollution from cargo ships has been sent to the Attorney-General ahead of its formal submission to parliament, says an official from the Ministry of Transport.

The bill proposes “stiff fines” for both water and air pollution and a more developed maritime security framework, according to said U Ye Myint, a director in the ministry’s department for setting laws and technological standards.

Bridge over busy waters

The recent announcement by a little-known group called the Straits of Malacca Partners Sdn Bhd to build a project to build a RM44 billion bridge linking Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra has set the maritime community abuzz.

Touted to be the biggest infrastructure project ever in Malaysia, the 50 km bridge between Malacca and Dumai in is envisioned to enhance socio-economic ties between the two lands.