Building Capacity in EIA: Selected Case Studies in Attapeu Province

Attapeu is undergoing a period of rapid and continuing change. It may be thought of as occupying a transitional position with, a rich natural resource base and considerable development potential. This potential is to be realised, largely through infrastructure development, trade and agricultural promotion. Realising this potential may cede considerable economic benefits, however it is recognised that in order to ensure sustainable development, environmental concerns are of critical importance.

Geographically, Attapeu is situated in the South Eastern part of the Lao PDR, bordering both Viet Nam and Cambodia, and is road linked to the Lao-Thai border, a little more than 250km distant. Largely as a consequence of its topography and low population density, the province is considered to have one of the highest energy generating potentials in the country, with a large number of existing and proposed hydropower schemes. The vast majority of this electricity is for foreign revenue generation through export to Thailand and Viet Nam.

Much of the work of the Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Programme (MWBP) in this area, has focused upon building the capacity of provincial and district staff to be able to assess, plan, mitigate and monitor the environmental impacts of a broad range of development projects. It has approached this through a number of training, awareness and field based learning activities in partnership with the STEA and PSTEO.

The following case studies, conducted (throughout the entire project cycle), represent the efforts of a great many people. The work generated, is the product of integrated planning and implementation and conducted through field work and stake holder consultation. It was carried out by twenty four local government staff from a range of sectors, over a three month period. It is hoped that the process and indeed the product of these case studies will contribute towards the vision of sustainable development in Attapeu Province.

  1. Gold Dredging along the Xe Kong River
  2. Naphok Irrigation Scheme
  3. Sawmill and wood processing factory
  4. Solid Waste in Attapeu Municipality