Comparative Study of EIA Systems: Philippines and Other Countries

This paper provides an overview of key elements of a number of different countries’ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures. These elements will be compared to the current EIA process of the Philippines in order to draw out lessons for possible improvement. The EIAs reviews are from the following countries: China, Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, United States, and the regional regime in the European Union (EU). The paper also includes a brief discussion of the value of EIA in the international context, and reflections on assessing the effectiveness and cost of EIAs.

The paper is structured as follows: The first section focuses on the country cases. The second section discusses the value of EIAs in an international context, provides some information on the cost of conducting EIAs, compliance and enforcement, provides information on EIA related training, and presents possible options for evaluating EIAs. The third section provides some information from the Philippines case and compares it with the practices undertaken in the other countries. The paper concludes with a brief set of recommendations and several points for further discussion on improving EIA generally and in the Philippines.