Environmental Impact Assessment on the Cambodian Side of the Srepok River due to Hydropower Development in Vietnam

The purpose of this Srepok EIA Study is to evaluate the potential impacts in Cambodia due to planned hydropower development in Vietnam. This study is part of the assessment of the Srepok River Basin in the Vietnam National Hydropower Plan Study (NHP 2005). The Srepok River basin has a moderate hydropower potential compared to other similar basins in the region and is so far undeveloped except for a small scale power station in Vietnam, Dray Linh Old (12 MW), which has not been in operation for the last few years. On the Vietnamese side there is currently four power plants under construction (Buon Koup, 280 MW, Ban Tou Srah, 86 MW, Dray Linh New, 16 MW, and Srepok 3, 220 MW), one plant is committed (Srepok 4, 65 MW), and another plant is under planning (Duc Xuyen main, 70 MW). This impact assessment is based on different operation scenarios of the power stations, superimposed by different hydrological situations, and experience from the development of hydropower in the Se San River in Vietnam. Srepok 4 is planned to be built and operated as a re-regulation reservoir, and this aspect is taken into consideration in this study.

Prepared by SWECO Grøner
in association with
Norwegian Institute for Water Research, EVIORO-DEV, ENS Consult
141 pages