Kai Tak Airport North Apron Decommissioning: EIA Executive Summary

Closure of Kai Tak Airport will release land for redevelopment. The South East Kowloon Development at Kai Tak Airport Design and Decontamination and Site Preparation Project (CE 86/97) is the first of the South East Kowloon Development projects. Its aim is to provide groundwork for future residential, commercial and industrial developments and landscaping. The study area (Figure 1.1) covers about 164 hectares, comprises Planning Areas 1 and 2 and the western part of Planning Area 4. The development is scheduled to commence in 1998 after closure of the airport and site preparation of most of the site will be completed by 2000. Key activities include:

• Decommissioning of airport related facilities
• Decontamination of the airport site
• Building and pavement demolition
• Site preparation

The potential environmental impacts arising from this proposed work have been assessed in the EIA report. The impact assessment includes noise, air quality, water quality, demolition waste, ecology and land contamination. The major conclusions and recommended mitigation measures are presented in the following sections.