Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures And Capabilities In Cambodia

This project report presents a description of principal activities and key findings from the ADB Technical Assistance project no. 2078-CAM: Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures and Capabilities in Cambodia. The project has been delivered for the Royal Government of Cambodia over the past 18 months by the International Development Research Centre in cooperation with Global Environmental Consulting, Ltd. and Resource Futures International Ltd.

The culmination of the training course was the undertaking by course participants of a series of field-based case study projects. A regional environmental development plan was undertaken, along with four EIA case studies in different locations and sectors. These served both to solidify and demonstrate many of the concepts introduced in the classroom, and to provide supervised field experience for the course participants. The cases were selected and introduced by the consultant team, but all fieldwork planning, preparations, data collection, report writing and presentations were undertaken entirely by the course participants, working in mixed project teams. For many of them, these cases represented the first examples of this kind of work they had ever attempted, and certainly for almost all it was the first time they had attempted to prepare reports of this scope in the English language.

313 pages