EIA guideline for wind power project

Realizing the importance of EIA for the wind sector, we decided to make an EIA guideline
simply because none exists. Our aim is two-fold: one, to convince the government of the need
for an EIA law in this sector, and two, to assist project developers who want to undertake EIA
studies, even if there is no formal EIA law in place.

To make this guideline, my colleagues have travelled across the country to understand
environmental and social issues related to wind power development. One of my colleagues
travelled to Europe to understand their regulatory framework and environmental planning
processes. We have incorporated the learning in the guideline. Not only have we detailed out
the processes and procedures for undertaking an EIA study, we have also documented the
international best practices in regulations and environmental planning for the wind power
sector. The practice of benefit sharing being followed in many parts of the world, to resolve
conflicts between local communities and project developers at the project planning stage, has
also been documented in the guideline.

Our hope is that the regulatory agency and EIA practitioners will use the guideline to
understand the areas of concern and employ that understanding to enhance the quality of the
EIA studies. Our hope is also that policymakers will use this guideline as the basis to enact an
EIA law for better planning and development of the wind power sector. This, we believe, is the
way ahead.

Chandra Bhushan

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