Law, Regulations and EIA: Japan

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Article 1 (Purpose)
Because it is extremely important, in terms of protecting the environment, for a corporation that is undertaking a project that changes the shape of the terrain or that involves the construction of a new structure, or that is engaging in other similar activities, to conduct an environmental impact assessment in advance of such a project, the purposes of this law are to ensure that proper consideration is given to environmental protection issues relating to such a project and, ultimately, to ensure that present and future generations of this nations people enjoy healthy and culturally rewarding lives. In order to achieve these purposes, this law sets forth procedures and contains other provisions designed to clearly define the responsibilities of the government regarding environmental impact assessments and to ensure that such assessments are conducted properly and smoothly with respect to large-scale projects that could have a serious impact on the environment, and prescribes measures to reflect the results of such environmental impact assessments in implementing such projects and in determining the content of such projects.

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