Law, Regulations and EIA: Korea

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Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this Act is to have all the people enjoy healthy and pleasant lives by preventing the environmental pollution and environmental damages and by properly managing and preserving environment through defining the right and duty of citizens and the obligation of the State with regard to environmental preservation, and determining the fundamental matters for environmental policies.

Article 2 (Fundamental Idea)
The fundamental idea of this Act is to have current citizens broadly enjoy environmental benefits and simultaneously to allow future generations inherit such benefits, by having the State, local governments, enterprisers and citizens endeavor to maintain and create a better environment, and when they perform any act utilizing the environment, to preferentially consider an environmental preservation and to devise the joint efforts for preventing any environmental harms on the earth, in view of facts that a creation of delightful environments through a qualitative improvement and preservation of the environment and a maintenance of harmony and balance between human beings and the environment through them are indispensable elements for the enjoyment of health and cultural life of citizens, the preservation of national territory, and the everlasting development of the nation.