Law, Regulations and EIA: Malaysia

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An Act relating to the prevention, abatement, control of pollution and enhancement of the environment, and for purposes connected therewith.
BE IT ENACTED by the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong with the advice and consent of the Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:
Section 1. Short title, application and commencement.
(1) This Act may be cited as the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and shall apply to the whole of Malaysia.
(2) This Act shall come into force on such date as the Minister may appoint by a notification in the Gazette and the Minister may appoint different dates for the coming into force of different provisions of this Act and may bring all or any provisions thereof into force either in the whole of Malaysia to which the notification applies or such area as may be specified in the notification.