EIA: Visayas Base Load Power Project – Secured Landfill Facility

The Project is located in Barangay Tina-an, one of the Coastal Industrial Corridor of Naga City, where most of the existing industrial establishments are located. The project site is situated at the titled Property of the Province of Cebu. It is approximately 120 meters away from the national road which is next to Barangay Poblacion at the northern side and fronting the seawater of Bohol Strait at the eastern side of Naga City.

Naga shares political boundaries at the northern side of the Municipality of Minglanilla, Municipality of San Fernando in the southern part and at the eastern side by Bohol Strait and on the western side of Toledo City. The total area to be develop for the proposed Secured Landfill Facility is 232,000 square meters.

Naga City is classified as the industrial arm of the Province of Cebu. It plays a major role in the economic growth and development at the Southern Part of the Island. It is the site of many industries and currently functioning as a highly urbanized center that focused more on industrial development. The operation of the KEPCO Coal Powered Power Plant is one of the focus particularly on the disposal of Coal Ash as waste material of the Power Plant.

The provincial government has a 24.9 hectares titled property located in Barangay Tinaan and has decided to develop the 23.2 hectares into a Secured Landfill for the secure dumping of coal ash materials produced by the Coal Fired Power Plant of Kepco located at Barangay Colon, City of Naga