IEE: MFF Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program

The proposed project is construction of a new 220 kV 125 km long Transmission Lines (TL) from UCHII to SIBI, in Balochistan province. This new 125 km long TL will be passing through total 3 districts. The condition of the power transmission system in Pakistan is inadequate to meet the rapidly growing demand for electrical power. This situation limits national development and economic growth. To enable the transmission system to deliver newly added generating capacity the existing network has to be expanded.

For the purpose of the above an Initial Environmental Examination is carried out for UCHII to SIBI TL under Tranche 3 of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) project, Power Transmission and Enhancement Multitranche Finance Facility (PTEMFF). This report has been prepared to ensure the following objectives:

  • Apply ADB‟s Environment safeguards
  • The applicable environmental administrative and legal frame work on the project
  • Environmental & social base line data of the project area of influence (AOI)
  • Assessment of potential environmental impacts and determining mitigation measures of expected adverse impacts