IEE: Regional Roads Development Project Prepared

The Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP) will be financed through a Project loan to be implemented over five years. The Project will rehabilitate, improve or newly construct about 476 km of roads and bridges in four provinces of Indonesia, namely West and East Kalimantan; and Central and East Java Provinces.

The Project will be financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Islamic Development Bank (ISDB). Of the 476 km subproject roads, about 3,860 m will involve rehabilitation or replacement of bridges and about 44 km will be construction of new roads along agricultural areas where there are existing earthen tracks in some sections. The alignments for the new roads have already been defined and markers are already in place. The ADB-financed component will include about 399 km of road (3,390 of which are bridges) while the ISDB-financed component will include about 77 km of road (470 m of which are bridges).

This initial environmental examination (IEE) has been prepared based on ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement (ADB SPS 2009). The IEE covers the general environmental profile of all the subproject roads and includes an overview of the potential environmental impacts during various project phases. Included also in the IEE is the environmental management plan (EMP) with a set of mitigation and management measures to be taken during project implementation to avoid, reduce, mitigate, or compensate for adverse environmental impacts.