Rapid Country Program Assessments

To support in-country activities and regional sharing of experiences, AECEN works with member agencies to complete rapid assessment surveys of their national environmental compliance and enforcement programs. Based on a common framework of program factors, agency officials and other stakeholders, through a consultative process, identify program strengths and weaknesses, as well as priority reform areas and opportunities for strategic interventions through improved laws, policies, and institutional strengthening. Completing these program assessments enables cross-country comparisons and provides a basis for regional dialogue.

With assistance from the AECEN Secretariat, Network members use a standardized survey to evaluate the state of a country’s: (1) legal enforcement authority; (2) institutional arrangements and capacity building; (3) compliance monitoring; (4) enforcement response; (5) compliance assistance and information management; (6) economic and other incentive-based instruments; (7) indicators to evaluate program success and programmatic priority-setting; and (8) public participation.

In conjunction with member partners, AECEN has completed environmental compliance and enforcement program assessments for the following countries: Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka.

      Country Program Assessment – Thailand – October 2004    
      Country Program Assessment – Philippines - October 2004    
      Country Program Assessment – Vietnam – December 2005    
      Country Program Assessment – India – November 2006    
      Country Program Assessment – Sri Lanka – November 2006    
      Country Program Assessment - Indonesia - November 2008