New Macau Wants Extended Public Consultation on Reclamation Blueprint

The New Macau Association (ANM) is urging government leaders to extend the public consultation period on the new reclamation zones blueprint, but the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) has confirmed it will not extend the consultation, Radio Macau reported.

The pro-democracy association held a press conference on Friday to criticize the government for its planning of the five new reclamation zones, which are now under development.

The new ANM president Scott Chiang said that residents and government leaders must debate Macau’s new reclamation zones.

Dubbing it “a flawed public consultation,” he criticized the inconsistency of the government’s plans during different phases of the consultation.

The government’s decision to reduce the area allocated to cultural facilities, enabling zone B to accommodate low-density luxury residences, has confused some members of Macau’s population.

The association criticized the report on environmental impact and traffic assessment, which was only made public on August 7.

“The public should be given balanced and impartial information before forming their opinions,” they said.

The public consultation period on the reclamation zones’ blueprint ended on Friday.

ANM also urged the government to fully implement the “Macau land for Macau people” principle when developing housing policies for the new reclamation zones.

Furthermore, the association said it strongly opposes any plans to give away part of the newly reclaimed land in exchange for settling a land debt, although the Chief Executive has pledged not to do so.

The association suggested that the government reduce population density in reclamation zone A, which is currently set to accommodate 320,000 residents. It has also requested that the government preserve the view from Penha by banning the construction of high-rise buildings in reclamation zone B.

“The incineration plant near zone E makes its surrounding areas unsuitable for residential purposes,” they added.

”The master plan should serve the goals of improving citizens’ quality of life for the sustainable development of Macau, taking into consideration its surrounding areas.” CP

Source URL: Macau Daily Times