PM urged to await verdict before paying constructor of Klong Dan project

Somnuk Kampong, representative of the People Network in Defence of the Country, said her group opposed the Cabinet's November 17 decision to go ahead with paying the constructor, as the Supreme Court has yet to rule on a case filed by the Pollution Control Department in relation to the project.

The department filed a criminal suit against private firms for fraud related to contracts and plots of land used in the construction of the project, and the case is now with the Supreme Court.

Somnuk said the public harboured doubts as to why the Cabinet had made a hasty decision in paying the constructor, without waiting for the Supreme Court's decision.

If the Pollution Control Department were to win its case, the state would likely benefit from the ruling. However, if the government rushed to pay the constructor, this money could not then be taken back, she added.

"We plead with the PM

Source URL: The Nation