Arborists concerned over soil tests in MacRitchie

After going through the Environment Impact Assessment on soil investigations at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve at MacRitchie, plant expert Lahiru Wijedasa is concerned.

“The disturbance that might be caused by soil investigation is significant and if damage is caused, it will be irreparable,” the former senior arborist at the Singapore Botanic Gardens told The New Paper.

“The most damage from the soil investigations will be on the rare plants and old trees in MacRitchie, from the weight of the machines that will go into the area.”

Singapore Arboriculture Society president Rick Thomas concurred with Mr Wijedasa about root damage.

He said: “When it comes to works on the surface (during the soil investigation), you don’t need heavy machinery to do damage.

“Any machinery going over the top will see damage sustained by the trees.”

The New Paper