VN invents air pollution control system

Scientists of the Viet Nam National University’s technology university have successfully developed an air pollution management system using satellite photos.

Dr Nguyen Thi Nhat Thanh, from the research team, said Vietnam had not been able to control the increasing volume of emissions from industrial production, transport, construction and rapid urbanisation.

The level of dust nationwide is measured by only six automatic observation stations managed by the Environment General Department, she said, adding that an air pollution warning system was urgently needed.

The new system measures air pollution based on data from a satellite station at the Hanoi-based technology university and sends reports in real time to the system's users across the country.

An air pollution map provided by the system will be delivered regularly to environmental policy makers.

It will produce important data for managers, scientists and residents in Vietnam, she said.

To apply the system, the research team will continue to expand its networks with the centre for environmental monitoring under the Environment General Department, the Hanoi Centre for Environmental and Natural Resources Monitoring and Analysis and Hanoi's Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The team also plans to develop high-resolution satellite photos and a wireless sensor network to provide detailed information on pollution in small areas such as cities, industrial parks and buildings.

Source URL: The Nation