Thailand and the Lao PDR have agreed on cross-border pollution management efforts

BANGKOK, 14 July 2016 (NNT) - Thailand and the Lao PDR have agreed on pollution management efforts and ways to cope with cross-border pollution, particularly wildfire smoke.

Director-General of the Pollution Control Department (PCD) Wijarn Simachaya said from May 31 to July 14, the PCD had held a workshop to enhance the work capabilities of the staff of the newly established pollution control department of the Lao PDR. The workshop focused on field operations and shared Thailand’s expertise on dealing with airborne pollution such as smoke from wildfires, hazardous waste management and analyzing chemical samples from laboratories.

He said that Thailand has expressed its willingness to cooperate on cross-border pollution issues with the Lao PDR, especially the wildfires that occur in Thailand’s northern region.

The representative of the Lao PDR’s pollution control department said that Laos’ development of heavy industries in various communities has resulted in electrical waste accumulating in public areas and at water sources. It had therefore reached out to Thailand’s Pollution Control Department for help in training its staff on the handling of pollution, chemicals and waste water.

In addition, Thailand will hold a meeting with Malaysia at the end of this month to discuss joint efforts in dealing with the smog situation in Thailand’s southern region.

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