Mounting pile of garbage polluting Koh Larn

CHON BURI -- Residents of Koh Larn have complained that the problem of disposing of mounting piles of garbage on the popular tourist island off Pattaya is becoming worse, with about 10,000 tonnes of accumulated waste and rubbish already disfiguring the island.

The tiny resort island has a resident population of about 4,000, according to official domicile registration records.

However, there are another 4,000-8,000 people from elsewhere, including migrant workers, also living on the island.

The bigger population and a constant increase in number of hotels, resorts, homestays, restaurants and shops, as well as the large number of daily visitors, has compounded the problem of garbage disposal, which is becoming more serious by the day.

Apart from garbage from restaurants, local residents and tourists, there is also the problem of rubbish from construction materials.

Only about 35 tonnes of garbage are taken off the island each day by ferry to be disposed of in Pattaya, leaving the rest on the island. And the pile just grows and grows.

The accumulated garbage on Koh Larn now totals about 10,000 tonnes.

The residents hope for more concrete measures to cope with this problem.

In Ratchaburi province, officials in Suan Phueng district on Wednesday began to dispose of a mountain of garbage which had been dumped on Huay Yod hill near Na Khun Saen village of Suan Phueng district after receiving complaints from residents.

A number of backhoes and 10-wheel trucks were used to remove the garbage, which was to be buried in a pit nearby. The work was expected to be completed in seven days.

The garbage is from areas under Suan Phueng Municipality and Suan Phueng tambon administration organisation.

Chuchart Pipatsattha, a senior assistant district chief, said the two local administrations had been instructed to look for new garbage dump sites and come up with effective disposal methods.

Source URL: Bangkok Post