Indonesia Ministry of Environment

Established in 1973, the Indonesia State Ministry of Environment (MOE) is responsible for national environmental policy and planning in the country.

The MOE is guided by its vision for reliable and proactive institutional action for sustainable development and prosperity through the application of good environmental governance principles. Its goals include building partnerships for fair, efficient use of environmental resources and protecting communities through pollution and resource damage prevention.

The Ministry coordinates policy implementation, provides technical guidance, and supervises environmental management of sectoral ministries and provincial environment authorities. In addition to its coordinating function, MOE has direct regulatory authority over hazardous waste facilities and disposal.

The MOE has been an innovator in the area of voluntary environmental compliance promotion. Since 1995, it has successfully administered the PROPER environmental rating system, under which companies can build their reputations with sustainable environmental practices. The program has been studied and emulated around the world. MOE also works hard to ensure quality decentralized environmental management. Through its Good Environmental Governance (GEG) programs, MOE promotes public empowerment and capacity building in local environmental management and gives those closest to Indonesia’s environmental resources the tools to manage them sustainably.

Presently, MOE holds office primarily in Jakarta and operates five Regional Environmental Management Centers in Indonesia.

The Indonesia Ministry of Environment joined AECEN in 2005.

For more information about Indonesia Ministry of Environment activities, please contact:

Ms. Rosa Vivien Ratnawati
Bali and Nusa Tenggara Environment Office
Ministry of Environment
Ir. Juanda Niti Mandala
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (+62) 361 228 237
Fax: (+62) 361 243 448
Email: [email protected]