Thailand pushes for new law for proper disposal of electronic wastes

Industrial Works Department head Natthapol Natthasomboon said today (Wednesday) last year alone there were 20.88 million units of discarded electric and electronic devices. These included 9.14 million landline telephones, 2.43 million television sets, 3.3 million units of portable audio and video players, 1.99 million personal computers, 1.5 million fax machines, 710,000 airconditioners and 872,000 refrigerators.

He said that disposal of these electric and electronic garbages was not up to the standard and, in most cases, they were sold as junk to junk traders who usually stripped them up with bare hands and burned the rest which had no street value causing pollution problem.

He stressed the need of a law to properly manage the disposal of these potentially hazardous wastes. However, he pointed out that the manufacturers of these products must be held responsible for the disposal of the garbages too.