Peering into China’s thick haze of air pollution

As 2016 gave way to 2017, residents of Beijing, Tianjin, and many other northern Chinese cities suffered through the longest stretch of stifling air pollution ever recorded in the country. They choked through eight continuous days of thick, light-blocking haze, starting Dec. 30, 2016. This stretch of bad air began only a week after people in 70 northern Chinese cities were enveloped by similar days of haze composed of high concentrations of particles less than 2.5 μm in diameter (PM2.5).

Air pollution rising at an 'alarming rate' in world's cities

Outdoor air pollution has grown 8% globally in the past five years, with billions of people around the world now exposed to dangerous air, according to new data from more than 3,000 cities compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

While all regions are affected, fast-growing cities in the Middle East, south-east Asia and the western Pacific are the most impacted with many showing pollution levels at five to 10 times above WHO recommended levels.

Clean Air Asia China office Released Report on Air Pollution Control Process in 74 cities in China

(Nov. 16th, 2015, Beijing) The implementation of the Chinese “Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan” (the ‘Action Plan’) has received much attention since it was published in September 2013. Today the Clean Air Asia China office released a new report “China Air 2015: Air Pollution Prevention and Control Progress in Chinese Cities“, showing the most comprehensive picture about how air pollution problem has been tackled in Chinese cities in the past two years.

Chinese govt on target for reduced pollution in 2017

China's major cities should reach their targets in reducing major air pollutants by 2017 as planned, experts said, though ozone poses a more stubborn problem.

Among the six major air pollutants listed in the Action Plan on Air Pollution Control and Prevention, the concentrations of five saw significant decreases in 2014 in 74 major cities, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Taiwan to include PM2.5 levels in air pollution controls

Taipei, Nov. 17 (CNA) The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said Tuesday it will add measurements for fine particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) to its air pollution control standards in the wake of deteriorating air quality in Taiwan.

The inclusion of PM2.5 information, called for in amendments to the Air Pollution Control Act that have yet to pass the Legislature, is expected to help authorities better tackle air pollution as PM2.5 concentrations have reached hazardous levels recently, according to the EPA.