Stand-alone EIA body sought in bill

An environmental advocacy group yesterday filed a petition with the Ministry of National Resources and Environment, demanding the agency include their proposals in a draft law designed to protect and preserve the environment.

The People's Network of Sustainable Development has long pressed the state to set up an independent body to conduct environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and environmental and health impact assessments (EHIAs) fairly and transparently.

Anti-coal groups protest against latest NCPO order

ANTI-COAL groups from around the country are rising up against the National Council for Peace and Order's move to allow power plants to be constructed in defiance of a city's master plan. Last Wednesday, the NCPO used power under Article 44 of the interim constitution to order an exemption to the city plan law for power plants, gas plants, water treatment facilities, garbage incinerators, landfills and recycling plants, which had been restricted to areas zoned for them on the city plan.