China Intensifies Fight Against Pollution, Aims to Further Reduce PM2.5 Concentration Levels

China is determined to significantly bring down its pollution levels. The government has unveiled an ambitious paln to address the country's smog problem and provide people with more days with good air quality.

This was among the highlights of Premier Li Keqiang's Annual Government Work Report, according to China Daily.

"Pollution control and environmental protection are important to people's health and the sustainable development of the nation," Li said. "So we must work hard to move forward."

Tackling Pollution in China's 13th Five Year Plan: Emphasis on Enforcement

Air pollution continues to plague vast regions of China, but the country is making visible progress. In a press conference in Beijing this morning, Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining reported that average ambient levels of PM 2.5, the most dangerous air pollutant, were down by 14.1 percent in 74 key cities last year, the first year after China established a national PM 2.5 standard of 35 ug/m3. The Pearl River Delta region actually achieved overall compliance with the national standard.