Re-Evaluating and Continuous Assessment of Biodiversity Issues and the EIA: The Case of Vietnam

The Environment Impact Assessment is ideally an integral component of a project's planning process. It identifies potential risks given the present scenario and the perceived impact of the project's activities. Given this, the EIA gives recommendations given the set of information available during the time of the assessment. However, once the project takes place, a review of the EIA is seldom made. There is a need to revisit the EIA especially if perceived environment conditions change.

Auditing System for Toxic and Hazardous Wastes (THW) Treatment and Storage Facilities in the Philippines

THW storage and treatment facilities are periodically audited to assure that the wastes are properly stored, treated and disposed. The objective of the practice is to maintain an on-line record of the THW received, exported, treated, reused and recycled to facilitate auditing. Online and real time recording, together with the manifest system, minimizes fudging of inventory records and makes retrieval of necessary records convenient.