Industrial zones polluting water with chemicals

HA NOI (VNS) — Many industrial zones nationwide failed to operate their waste treatment systems properly and have dumped large amounts of industrial waste with high levels of toxic chemicals into the environment, according to Dr Le Trinh, from Viet Nam Environmental Science and Development Institute.

Trinh said industrial waste and wastewater were major contributors to environmental pollution.

Industrial and urban wastewater has caused serious water pollution in many channels in HCM City, including the Tham Luong, Ba Bo and An Ha channels, according to the institute.

Environment sector declares 2016 aims

HA NOI (VNS) — The Vietnamese environment sector's main tasks this year include administrative reform, tightened controls on natural resources and more measures to tackle climate change.

This was revealed at a conference on Tuesday to review the 2015 performance of the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry as well as to introduce its working plan for this year.

Vietnam's longest river is 'seriously' polluted: authority

Vietnam's environment police on Friday warned of worsening pollution in the Dong Nai River, the southern region's main water supply that has been being exposed to multiple sources of contamination.

Speaking at a meeting, Duong Van Linh, deputy chief of the Department of Environment Police under the Ministry of Public Security, said many projects were recently planned or executed along the river without careful consideration of environmental impacts.

Housing project threat to river basin ecology

The Viet Nam River Network said the 8.4 hectares project would damage adjacent Dong Nai River, blocking natural flows and drainage of floodwater and triggering erosion of the river's bank.

The project also creates danger to waterway traffic and encroaches on public areas, the group said.

The project's developer, Toan Thinh Phat JSC, began filling in a stretch of the river in January near the city of Bien Hoa. Following a wave of criticism from scientists, agencies and local residents, the developer halted the project in late March.